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Glorious Burden

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  • It’s good to see IE getting some airplay on MTV, finally. Well, if you’re a longtime fan of these guys, getting used to The Ripper might take you a while. And if you’re not a longtime fan, if you pick up their older albums after listening to this one, you’ll probably scratch your head in wonder. Me, I’m a longtime fan of both IE and Judas Priest, so I was disappointed about Matt’s departure yet pleasantly surprised that Tim is in. And man is he in. After I got to the blistering guitar work of Greenface, I was used to hearing Tim. This album is a concept album, like most of IE’s releases, this one dealing with war. It’s more of the same and that is a good thing, you have your ballads, your headbangers, your all out thrashers and your long epic. If you’re a fan of Iced Earth, take a chance and pick this up. You may not regret it and you may end up loving it. I do.

    Posted on December 4, 2009