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Glorious Burden

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  • Iced earth’s newest album “The Glorious Burden”, in my opinion is the best album of 2004. It ranks just above Megadeth’s “The System has Failed”.

    This is a new thing for Iced Earth. Most of their previous works were based on fantasy type thinsgs, horror movies, etc. Any Iced Earth fan would no what I am talking about. So, they come out with a new album, all based on war.

    Here’s my opinion on the songs:

    Amazing Songs: This section is made up of “Gettysburg(1863)”, “Atilla”, and “Waterloo”. I’ll talk about the two from the Disc 1 first. “Atilla” is an awesome song, with some very good and interesting guitar work. The vocals shine the most on this, I think. The chorus is just so great, it will blow your mind. “Waterloo”, is just as great as “Atilla”. They are a bit similar, because they both have good guitars, good verses, and extremely great choruses. Great songs. And then the whole Second Disc is made up of “Gettysburg.” The 32-minute Epic Trilogy based on Gettysburg(obviously). It’s split up into 3 different tracks. “The Devil to Pay”, “Hold at all Costs”, and “High Water Mark”, in that order too. I just consider them as one big epic song, as I believe most people do and should do. It is an amazing trip through one of the greatest battles in the histroy of The United States of America. “The Devil to Pay” is a very good way to start it off. I love the intro, especially when Tim “Ripper” Owens goes “They’ll be the Devil to Pay”. On that line, you can tell right then and there that you are in for something fantastic. Next is “Hold at all Costs”, which has the best chorus of any Iced earth, EVER. This part of “Gettysburg” is probably my favorite 7 minutes of the whole Trilogy, and it is so gtreat, that it should go down in metal history as one of the greatest 7 minutes in music history. Yes, it is truly that good. And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better n”High Water Mark”, the thrid day of the battle and the last part of the Trilogy blares upon your ears. The drumming intro builds great anticipation for the finale of the epic. The role playing part after the drum intro is done, is one of my favorite parts of “Gettysburg”. It has Tim Owens speaking the part of General Lee, and Jon Schaffer role playing the part of Longstreet, telling General Lee that he believes that his plan won’t work. Then ending of “High Water Mark” is great too, as it shows so much emotion that it will almost make you cry. It almost made me cry, and I never cry. It’s just flatout amazing.

    Very Good Songs: The very good songs of the album consist of “Red Baron/Blue Max”, “Declaration Day”, and “The Reckoning(Don’t Tread on Me)”. The reckoning is a great song, Owens hits some great high pitched notes in it. “Declaration Day” has another one of those great melodic Iced Earth choruses that will blow you away. And “Red Baron/Blue Max” is a great thrasy heavy song about the famous Fighter Pilot Red Baron.

    Good Songs: The good songs on the album consist of “Greenface”, “Valley Forge”, “When the Eagle Cries”, and “The Star Spangled Banner”. “The Star Spangled Banner” speaks for itself, as it is a metalish version of Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner. “When the Eagle Cries”, is a slower song about the semi-recent 9/11 attacks. I listen to it a lot, as it is a truly emotional song, and that day has a special place in my heart, and for more then just 1 reason. “Greenface” is a nice heavy song, even though the riff in it sounds oddly similar to a riff in “The Reckoning”. “Valley Forge” has probably some of the best lyrics on the whole album, and the song is good too.

    The one song I didn’t name is “Hollow Man”, as I believe it isn’t up to par with the rest of the album. Even though, it isn’t that bad.

    Also, kudos to Jon Schaffer for writing and making this masterpiece. Especially “Gettysburg.”

    Posted on December 4, 2009