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God Has a Plan for Us All

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  • The Awakening-Is a nice peice of music,an insturmental, however after a while the songs starts to get boring, until the end in which they add alittle bit of choir vocals and make it more dramatic.

    I’m Calling-Has a great intro, I like the use of keys and guitar they fit very nicely together. The vocals are amazeing, when Sarah’s vocie comes in it is nothing that you would expect at all. Also I very much enjoy her vocals in the chorus. Her voice stands out much more then the music.

    God Has A Plan For Us All-At the first note you know why that is the album name, the music is awsome, and is so dramatic sounding, the choir vocals that are in the first verse are very interesting, they are dark and eiry sounding. Then they add Sarah’s voice and it dose not seem up to par with the rest of the song quite honestly, but I was mistaken, right at the chorus her voice once again out shines the music…This song I also feel I have to mention, they are very sad, and where quite surpriseing to me, its so nicely written, and if Angtoria, became mainstream I’m sure they would cause a few eyebrows to be raised.

    Suicide on my Mind-Another great intro, this time with keys mimicing a lulby it sounds like and then, the guitars make a bold enterance. Also on this track the music and vocals are very blanced and on the same level, Sarah, is not out doing the music. Her vocals are still great however. There is but one thing I dont like in the song and it is surpriseingly in the vocals. She stop on a vowel and repeats it, which is a nice effect but I don’t like the overall sound of it…Other then that the song is very, very nice.

    Deity of Disgust-This intro is very diffrent from the others, in the sense that it started with guitar and went into keyboards where the other ones are keyboards and then guitar. When the vocals come in the music slows down, every now and again a strum of the guitar, and a rather nice bass line. Then inbetween, vocals sets (This song is a duet) they have a nice bit going on. Then the Male vocals which are done by Martin Haggstorm, are amazeing I do not normally like male vocals but Sarah has found a wonderful male vocalist in him and there voices sound nice together. Now on to the most intresting part of the song the keyboard solo, which is insane, the first time I heard it I knew it was keyboard but I was in Denial. Rikard Andersson, has laid down an awasome peice of work here, which is the major point of the song…

    The Addiction-This song has small opera parts from Sarah, which I thought was great because I love that verson of her voice, tho I am likeing this Alot version better, its very bold and not what you would expect. The music in this song I did not care for, but her vocals still made it a nice track. They show Sarah, still has it, she shows alot of diffrent styles, a reassurence for fans the huge fans of Sarah.

    Six Feet Under’s Not Deep Enough-This was the first Angtoria, song I had heard, back in November, I think. So on this album it was one of those higly anticapated tracks, because I knew it was a re-recorded from the demo. Angtoria did not dissapoint at all! The music, was simple but very entertaining, and the vocals where nice, but on the same level as the music until the chorus, where we hear a some what new style from Sarah, but its good. She overtakes the music yet again, which is not surpriseing because she has been doing that for years with her voice. This song also has to have lyrics mention, I would love to know who they are written about, because Sarah Jezebel Deva, hates them, and has made a brilliant song about it.

    Do You See Me Now-I enjoy the short keyboard part at the intro, the guitars are a nice accent to it, but I would have liked to see that rythem in that song, because its basicly discontinued. By this part in the CD you know what to expect in Sarah’s voice, and it has a part where the music over takes her a bit. The music for this song is some of the better on the album. Not to mention an extreamly cacthy chorus, but her voice stays about the same style all the way threw.

    Original Sin-I was excited about this song, one because I love My Dying Bride, but also I know Sarah has wanted to work with Aaron Stainthorpe, for quite sometime.I am pulled in at once, this song is very majestic and yet at the same time very dark, Chris and Tommy Rhen are displaying some of there finer work on this intro. Now for Sarah’s vocals in the first verse, they where somewhat dissapointing until the end and then she added the drama need for the song. When Aaron comes in its amazeing with the music, and then with a blast comes in Sarah, and she is sound better then great, this verse is a very entertaining one as far as listening goes. Then when Aaron comes back in with his harsh growl I can see the two figting, in a place somewhat looking like hell.When Sarah’s voice comes back in you do get the calamity vibe, and then she goes right back to the way she was after Aaron’s, first vocals. The song ends with very dramatic music and vocals from Aaron.

    Hell Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned-This intro is very flowing but no where near satisfying. Sarah, once again comes in with a new mournful style, that I have not heard from her. After her vocal entraced the music becomes more intresting and her voice is without a doubt bold, to say at the least. The vocals on this track are some of the best on the album.The lyrics are also very touching and Sad, I had no idea Sarah, was such a great writer.

    Confide In Me-Quite Honestly I did not expect much from this track, because of its Origin. Boy, was I wrong, this song has the best composeing given by The Rhen Brothers, Its very addicting and a great high point of this song. Sarah’s opening vocals are somewhat dull, but that does not last long, not at all.She provides a wonderful chorus yet again, and the music is right up there with her. At the times before when the music and Sarah where at a normal level together, this is like that but they are amazeing!!!!

    Thats What The Wise Lady Said-To start off the lyrics of this song are enought to bring anyone to tears, and they are a great moral code to live by! I suggest everyone go to the Angtoria website and read them.Now for the song, it is one of the slower songs on the album but Sarah lays down a wonderful set of vocals to pacth up the slow music, which is quite good to. Its all very dramatic and emotional. This song holds one of those great musical powers! It is a great way to end an album.

    Bonus Track:A Child Who Walks The Path Of A Man-For a few extra dollars you can get the Digi-pack which let me tell you it is more then worth it!The vocal entrace to this song hold the most emotion I have ever heard Sarah, sing with!This song is by far my favorite. Everything in this song is so great, the music and vocals.

    Overall Angtoria, is a wonder symponic band, with one of the most beautyful women to front in, and I’m not only talking about her voice! She has proved to me, and to everyone for that matter that she is no longer a lady who belongs off to the side or in the back-ground. She is an amazeing vocalist and writer and she belongs at center stage.

    As for the Rhen Brothers, any flaws in the music where covered up by a wonderful voice. Still they did mange to keep my intrest within the music. They have room for improvment, and on the next album they could make the music abit more diverse.


    Posted on January 6, 2010