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God Has a Plan for Us All

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  • Where to begin…

    After anticipating this release for quite some time ,I was not entirely sure if it might meet my expectations…

    Infact it did not meet them,but exceeded them.

    In one word,

    Built upon such full, emotion-drenched soundscapes that can only be invoked by the likes of the Rehn brothers,led and graced by the glorious and multifaceted vocal stylings of Ms.Sarah Jezebel Deva,Laced with the ferocius basslines of Mr. Dave Pybus,and paired with the talented percussion work of Mr.Andreas Brobjer,not to mention the enthralling male vocals contributed by the likes of Mr.Martin Haggstrom,Aaron Stainthorpe,and Tony Konberg(To name a few).The aural experience that is”God has a plan for us all” commands and demands the full attention of your very spirit to delve deep and yet deper still,plunging into the forgotten,cobwebbed recesses of anguish that lie sleeping within a tortured human soul…Only to find yourself re-awakened from within and to breathe in deep, the power of sorrow.. hope..and revenge…

    This saga,is not of the typical lighthearted and proud epic orchestral metal drones that seem to be popping out one after another these days in repetitive,mindnumbing fashion.Focusing more on how “big” a song can sound rather than how unique and meaningful the content could have been.
    This Debut from Angtoria is anything but that,content is what this is all about.
    The album is a story within itself,a tragic tale of innocence lost to blasphemy,a heart-wrenching drama of self-destruction centered around the demise of a young girl who was forced to suffer years of abuse behind the curtains of “blinding light” within her church,a false facade of holiness,with “the devil in disguise”lurking within…

    Throughout the course of this album,many gears are shifted.Many emotions are explored.From the strong and catchy,yet erie title track”God has a plan for us all” To the angry and powerful serenade that is “Diety of disgust” and of the romanticised sorrow that envelops tracks such as “The Addiction”,and “suicide on my mind”. There is something surley to be enjoyed on this album by all walks of life,and srtife.

    The songwriting here is superb,as well as the lyrical content with which Ms.Deva is soley responsible for and with which I am very well impressed.
    The vocals and the music compliment eachother quite nicley,each playing the perfect partner to the other half.This is a great quality that Angtoria posesses,being equally strong in both areas.
    Although these may not be the vocalizations of the Sarah many of us have come to know and expect,this album has given her the opportunity to shine in ways she has never had the chance to before.Stepping out from the shadows of being a session and “background” vocalist she proves her strong ability to lead,with a voice that is sultry,moody,strong and totally unique.

    The band shows great success in creating thier own unique atmosphere right from the start,and from just a few minutes into “I’m Calling” you can already grasp that distinct Angtoria sound…
    With film-score worthy instrumentals,and a deep,dark,moody and blackened core, Angtoria is a definite force to be reckoned with!

    My favorite tracks thus far:

    “Six feet under’s not deep enough”
    “Diety of disgust”
    “The addiction”
    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
    “Do you see me now”
    “A child that walks the path of a man” (bonus track)

    The world of metal is a changing one,ecspecially with more and more females taking center stage.
    I am proud to see the level of talent unveiled in this debut,this is a brilliant band with so much to offer to the world of metal,and music in general.

    For loyal Fans of Sarah’s and the Rehn’s this album does not dissapoint!As for new fans and curious beings alike,I can say that it shall standout as one of the most worhtwhile musical aquirements you will gain this year,and beyond!

    The future of Angtoria is a bright one indeed.

    Posted on January 6, 2010