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God Hates Us All

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  • GHUA is not only one of the most extreme metal albums released in 2001, it is a jewel in Slayer’s crown of brutality.Top notch riffing, melody and an exhausting vocal performance from Tom Araya combine with sharp production and result in an almost perfect thrash album. Once again, Slayer’s lyrics strike the perfect balance between morbid humour and seriousness. Thematically, GHUA examines the pain and suffering a person goes through in their life and the question over whether life is worth living at all. God is presented as the ultimate sadist and the album touches on the hopelessness and helplessness everyone feels at onetime or another. I only have one complaint. The first four and last three songs are so good that the middle almost suffers in comparison. Now a song by song breakdown.1.Darkness of Christ- An excellent intro track to the album. The words suggest that the world spins on a mantra of ’survival of the fittest’. N/A2.Disciple- The first track is also the best. Paul’s drumming is brutal and fast with enough rhythym changes in percussion and guitars to keep an audience interested after several spins.10/103.God Send Death- The opening is a melodic throwback to South of Heaven that twists into a straight out thrasher.9/104.New Faith- The grooviest track on the album and a welcome dose of comic relief comes about halfway through. Let the words ‘I keep the Bible in a pool of blood’ ring through the ages.9/105.Cast Down- A serious song about the despair of homelessness. The jilted drum part will throw you of balance while the guitars pull you in.9/106.Threshold- One of the weakest songs on the album, it should have been better. The guitar riff is cool but it never picks up any complexity. It feels like a half a song.7/107.Exile- Same problems as Threshold. Gets better as you listen to it more. 7/108.Seven Faces- The melodius beginning falls away to reveal a hideous scream and one of the best structured songs on the album. ‘I live for the things that keep me hollow’.8/10 9.Bloodline- A lot of fun, South of Heaven style, and a good track for people new to Slayer. 9/1010.Deviance- Same lack of depth that plagues Threshold and Exile. Could have been a classic with a little more work, but oh well. 7/1011.War Zone- Ah, here we go. One of the fastest and hardest songs Slayer has ever made. If the brutality of war were ever captured and purified into a heavy metal thrash band, it would be SLAYER.9/1012.Here Comes the Pain-This one challenges Disciple for title of best track on the album. Heavy Metal at its best. 10/1013.Payback-A brutal closer. It doesn’t have the staying power of some of the others but carries the classicly absurd chorus: ‘Payback’s a b*tch, motherf*cker!’. Beautiful.Overall this is one of Slayer’s best and heaviest. Each album Slayer has released has kept getting better, and they were damn good from the start.Overall- 9/10

    Posted on February 22, 2010