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God Hates Us All

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  • The new Slayer album flat out proves Slayer is still on the top of their game. This album is an excellent, energetic mix of Slayer styles with some slow and some shredders of songs. The production is top-notch, and gives a refreshingly modern metal sound. That is not to say this is a nu-metal album at all. Simply put, this is the best sounding Slayer ever. This album rocks hard and you can hear all the instruments.Tom Araya gives an awesome performance vocals-wise, soudning angrier than in any past album. Paul Bostaph once again proves he is a stellar drummer, and possibly one of the best ever. Listening to this album, one of the first things you will notice is the absolutely killer drumming. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman continue to dish out the sick riffs. As opposed to Diabolus, most of the solos here seem to really fit, and are executed quite nicely.As to the songs themselves, they simply rock hard. Nearly EVERY track is a classic in its own right. A couple of the middle tracks sound like filler (Cast Down, Threshold), but the rest absolutely destroy. My personal favorites include God Send Death, Warzone, Payback, New Faith, Exile, and Disciple. The booklet is really well put together, with the lyrics being mixed in with bible annotations, you have to see it for yourself. As everyone knows, the cover is the white one with crosses to appease the censors, but the real cover(underneath), in all its bloody glory is one of their best covers ever.Dont hesitate to listen to this album a few times to let it really soak into you. It grows on you quite quickly, and I guarantee that hardcore Slayer fans as well as newcomers will not be disappointed.Note that the Limited Edition …DOES NOT include the two bonus tracks Addict and Scarstruck. It is simply packaged in the digi-pak style as opposed to the standard plastic case.

    Posted on February 23, 2010