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Gods of the Earth

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  • The heavy metal hardcore hates it when a band comes from outside the scene to do metal.

    They hate it double when that band gets a deal with a large label.

    They hate it triple when the band does metal better than the bands that grew from inside the scene.

    The heavy metal hardcore hates The Sword.

    They listen with their prejudices, not their ears. This band has grown a pair since their last album. They now have their own very distinctive sound, heavier, rawer and faster than the Sabbathian debut. Indeed, there is improvement on every level. Every instrument sounds better; and while the singer will never be great, he has found himself now and fronts the band with aplomb. When you have riffs like this, the singer doesn’t need to carry the band. He just needs to carry his own weight. He does it just fine.

    It sometime happens that “borderline” metal bands, bands from outside the scene, make the best metal, because they bring a new perspective. The Sword is the best American doom metal band since Danzig, and that’s saying something.

    If you don’t like them for some kind of philosophical reason or because they’re too popular, that’s your loss. This sounds like true metal to me.

    Posted on December 25, 2009