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Gods Of War - Live

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Manowar concerts are a rite of passage for all fans of true metal. Manowar s consistently awesome display of power, might and magic on stage remain peerless and unparalleled. It s the legend to which other metal bands aspire. But how could it possibly be captured and contained on compact disc? Yet, Manowar has achieved the seemingly impossible more on than one occasion: in 1997, with the landmark Hell On Wheels and then just two years later, in 1999, with Hell On Stage . Now, nearly a decade later, Manowar is about to achieve the impossible for a third time with Gods Of War Live .There is no other band like Manowar, who recently performed in front of its largest audiences ever during the German leg of the Demons, Dragons and Warriors 2007 Tour, on which the recording for this double-disc set was captured. In addition to songs from both Warriors Of The World and a 35 minute encore of songs from Gods Of War, this more than two-hour collection of classics includes some rare gems.

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  • You’ve got to be kidding. After so many years of silence from them, they have released another live album. I own this CD. I shall never open it. I purchased it for the fact that I need to own it for my collection. I am a ManOwaR fan, I have been since 88 with Kings Of Metal. Judging from the cover the audience had a blast seeing them live. I would love to see them live, but they never come play the States. This band took a code of silence after Louder Than Hell for so long, they released three live albums after that and a few DVD’s before Warriors of the World came out. They didn’t write anything in between time? They didn’t record anything between that time either? They released Gods of War and that was all they could have come up with and then this? From 1996 they just release live albums until 2002. What else did they record? Your fans don’t want to buy you remanufactured songs they already own, at least I don’t. Why did I buy this CD you ask? For my collection and I am a fan. That doesn’t mean I have to be a happy fan and satisfied with everything that is release cause right now I am not happy. I don’t want my money back and I don’t feel that I need a discount for purchasing this CD but I wanted more. I didn’t know that it only had one live video track on it. When I saw there was a video part and that it was a CD with DVD I quickly grabbed. I should have taken a second look at it, cause then I would have picked it up later, no I wouldn’t have, but I should have, but I didn’t. I am happy that I own it for my collection, but it shall never fight its way out of the wrapping. It is sealed for the lifetime that I own it for. The meaning of 5 stars is for the simple face that it’s ManOwaR!!!!! There shouldn’t be any lower star for them.

    Posted on December 3, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Ah, as I approach my ten year annivesary of being into the “Kings of Metal”, I figured I’d write a review of what is their latest release, “Gods of War Live” (wow what an original title).

    Anyway, as any Loincloth enthusiast should know, this is Manowar’s third live album, if you don’t count live dvds of Manowar (six and counting).

    Now, I understand each live album is supposed to have more and more songs that aren’t played as much live anymore, and this is no exception.

    As far as the album goes, it ranges from mediocre to great, and this album rating wise could fall in between the two “Hell” live albums, that is Hell on Wheels and Hell on Stage live.

    One complaint I would have is the audience is slightly muffled. Not as muffled as on Hell on Wheels, but missing that audience interactive element in the mix that made Hell on Stage so great.

    Also, Eric Adams flounders a bit on this recording. The first three songs feature him in mainly a lower register, and you can blame this on the rigors of touring, but he sounds tired on the first few songs.

    The band really shines on most of the tracks though, especially the second half of the first disc (Mountains, The Oath, etc).

    I am mixed on playing the songs in a different key. Yes they tune much lower than back then (I know some of the songs were tuned to D back then, and then now they tune THESE songs even lower now. The songs in E back then are tuned to D now), but I sometimes feel like it stunts how the music originally sounded. I suppose I’m a stickler about this, as I can make the same complaint about 90’s live Priest and also any live Black Sabbath. Unlike Priest (Sabbath has always been all over the place tuning wise), Manowar are able to get away with this up to a point. Also, some of the songs seem slower, maybe to add to their “epic” feel, I don’t know?

    Minor complaints about playing aside, the band itself sounds great and tight as ever. Eric Adams is a little raw at times though, and maybe we could have had more overdubs, but then it wouldn’t be a “live album” would it?

    Either way, Secrets of Steel and Gloves of Metal are CRUSHING in their lower tuning, and these songs are probably the highlight of the album.

    Mountains is hardly ever played live, and its great to see that here as well.

    Now on to the second disc: Gods of War is a concept album, and they only play about half of it live. The unfortunate thing with this, is that I feel that they are missing the better tracks. The earlier “Sons of Odin” that came out I feel was better performance wise and also the tracklisting was great. Of course, King of Kings and its intro are my favorite tracks off the new album (along with Army of the Dead, which is “played”, er, sung here) so having them absent makes the second disc feel empty in a way.

    Also, I feel Loki God Of Fire would’ve given the second disc an energy boost.

    So I will have to say that the live album is good, but lackluster considering the band and their history. The better parts are the second half of the first disc and the rest is good but Manowar has done better, Hell on Stage live remains their quintessential live release.

    Posted on December 3, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now