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  • Godsmack are an awesome band, but they somehow picked up a reputation of being Alice In Chains wannabes. I do detect an AIC influence, but there is an equal influence from bands like Metallica, Tool, and White Zombie in their sound. However, they have the ability to take their influences and create an aggressive, energetic sound all their own.Frontman Sully Erna’s vocals are often very intense and confrontational, which sets them apart from their influences. Many of the songs seem to express anger toward someone, possibly an ex-girlfriend, with the resolution often being telling them to “go away”. They do this in many of their songs, which might annoy some people, but I personally find it to be stress relieving. Tony’s innovative guitar work (he actually can play lead, which many popular rock bands nowadays are not capable of doing) and the well oiled rhythm machine compliment the vocals and awesome songwriting perfectly. The best songs on the album (good to crank up when you’re in a bad mood) are “Whatever”, “Keep Away”, “Time Bomb”, “Bad Religion”, and “Get Up, Get Out”. Highly recommended if you are tired of all the trendy rock that permeates the airwaves.

    Posted on December 14, 2009