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  • Don’t get the 3-star rating wrong; I do like this album. But Ihave to criticize the simplicityand redundancy of the music and lyrics. The theme throughout is pretty much “I don’t like you–stay away from me,” and we hear it time and time again. A far cry from Alice In Chains, to be sure. But…That doesn’t mean this album isn’t worth your dime. The drum work is pretty good. As for the guitar handling, well, I can only advise that you don’t listen to Randy Rhoads within 12 hours of listening to this album. The guitar playing is simplistic, but it does at least move the songs along.If you like the in-your-face guitar sound, and you tend to get, well… disgusted with some of the people around you, you may very well enjoy this album.

    Posted on December 14, 2009