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Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder

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  • I have always been a fan of CoF. While many would argue that the last few albums weren’t really ‘extreme metal’ in any way, the musicianship and quality of writing were impressive. I still listen to those albums (Thornography and Nymphetamine), but nothing quite compares to the sound of Midian and Cruelty. Midian was their last album that retained the brutality of the ‘old Cradle’. However, I truly think Damnation and a Day is a hidden gem. Some amazing songs on there.

    Godspeed is a mix of Damnation and Midian in many ways. It has the symphonic qualities of Midian and the “punchiness” of Damnation. I would be the first to admit that Gian and Stuart had a LOT to do with the sound and progression of the golden years. Paul has obviously taken on a more bombastic sound (lots of thrashy fillers, major chord progressions, not quite as dark or sinister as the old school albums; Nymphetamine and Thorn. rely on the vocals to be brutal). Paul knows how to write, and I think he believes this is the new CoF – an evolved version of the past. From all the interviews on blabbermouth, it seems like he’s excited about playing fast again but in this new direction.

    Godspeed has a crushing sound – the guitars are layered well and the drums are awesome. No offense to Adrian, but the new guy shreds. Dani continues to write amazing lyrics. This is a great album – DO YOUR PART AND BUY IT – support these guys – they have spent a considerable amount of time writing such amazing music.

    The best track has to be Tragic Kingdom. Listen to it more than once – all the classic elements of CoF are there, but in a totally new setting. The new sound and approach takes a little getting used to, but you soon realize that every song has a lot to offer. CoF did this album for the fans. Now my only question is – what’s it going to take to get Gian back on the roster???

    Posted on November 27, 2009