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  • Well… looks like weve got yet another Best of Rush set on our hands. Only this time, its a rehash!! Of the 2 Retrospective cds that came out some years ago. I was acually pleased to find that they replaced Somthing From Nothing with Working Man (Rushes biggest hit of the first album). But i still think the best thing about it is the very low price. Sure this release was put out ofcourse to make money, but 20$ seems to get you an awsome collection and days. All songs are remasterd and almost seems to have the best tracks from the self titled album to Hold Your Fire.

    What kinda bugs me is that Mercury dosnt seem to stop releasing new best of cds. First was the 1990s Chronicles. It was the 2 disk set that got me into Rush in the first place. Chronicles truly travels album by album in CHRONILOGICAL ORDER. Including theyre live albums. Dont be fooled, if you havnt heard Rush live, your missing out. (Some of theyre live versions are better than theyre original recordings). And it dosnt stop at Hold Your Fire, but at Presto. But, the price is a little steeper, lets say 30$! Gold Rush is only 15 to 20$ Now both of these albums are some bad ass sets. You get songs like La Villa Strangiato, Freewill, Subdivisons, Anthem and my favorite, 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx.

    Now, is Gold better then Chronicles? No

    Why? Because Chronicles truly does capture the Rush Legacy from the first album to Presto in that order. Amazing classic rock songs like Farewell to Kings, Lakeside Park and live versions of What Your Doing and the fan favorite Passage to Bangkok (better then the original) are missing from Gold.

    Now, is Chrinicle worth the extra price you pay? No

    Why? Because 15$ for for this amazing Gold Complication is just ridiculouse, I cant see how any Rush fan or Fan wanting to get into Rush can pass this up. If you got the extra cash, then get Chronicles. Its a better tracklist and the order of the songs is perfect. Gold order kinda irratates me from time to time, but its still amazing music. Its still Rush and at a awsome price.

    Ofcourse, this isnt THE BEST of Rush. This only covers half the story. They dont cover Roll The Bones to Vapor Trails. All good albums, but youl need another 2 disk set to cover that. Maybe one day. Until then, you can own the first half of the Rush Legacy so go on and enjoy the Limelight!!

    Posted on February 11, 2010