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  • Gold, released on April 25, 2006, is Rush’s fourth compilation.

    Gold, as I said in the title, is Rush’s best compilation to date. Now, you may ask, why is this Rush’s best compilation? Well, lets look at the down-points of the other three Rush compilations.

    Problem 1) A list price of $34, that 17 dollars for a single CD.
    Problem 2) A very lame remastering job.
    Problem 3) A lame packaging job.
    Problem 4) Chronicles is missing many excellent Rush songs; By-Tor and the Snow Dog, Xanadu, YYZ, & The Analog Kid.

    Retrospective I and II:
    Problem 1) Again a very high price tag, 14 dollars a CD.
    Problem 2) Their missing more good Rush songs; Working Man, A Farewell To Kings, YYZ.

    The Spirit Of Radio:
    Problem 1) It’s only one disc. It’s impossible to put all of Rush’s classic songs on one CD.
    Problem 2) It’s missing so many classics; Finding My Way, Anthem, By-Tor, Xanadu, La Villa Strangiato, YYZ, & The Analog Kid just to name a few.

    The only problem with Gold is the absents of YYZ. If I had one question for the track listing people, it would be where’s YYZ. YYZ has been a concert staple since the Moving Pictures Tour back in 1981, it deserves to be on at least one greatest hits compilation. Now there’s only one reason for YYZ being absent, marketing. If you put YYZ here, then you would have Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, YYZ, and Limelight on the same compilation, no one would ever buy Moving Pictures.

    Gold and the two Retrospectives track listings are very similar, except that Working Man replaces Something For Nothing on Gold. 2112 will still be the first 6 minutes, which isn’t a huge disappointment considering the whole song ranges twenty and a half minutes. Lets look at the highlights of Gold:

    1. The Spirit Of Radio starts the CD off with a bang. It’s one of Rush’s best-known songs for good reason. Great guitar riff.
    2. Gold contains Xanadu, a great eleven-minute song.
    3. Working Man from Rush’s debut album makes its third compilation appearance.
    4. The Moving Pictures trio is on Gold.
    5. Subdivisions, Distant Early Warning, The Big Money, and Force Ten are on Gold.

    In the end, Gold contains two CDs, 29 Rush classics, and 2.6 hours of music for a list price of $20. That’s 10 bucks a CD, an excellent deal. I think in a year or two, Atlantic will release a Rush greatest hits album containing songs from Presto, Roll The Bones, Counterparts, Test For Echo, Vapor Trails, Feedback, and the next Rush album.

    If you’re a new Rush fan I would suggest these four albums and DVD:

    2112) Everybody needs the full 20 minute version of the song, ‘2112′.
    A Farewell To Kings) Contains ‘A Farewell To Kings’ and ‘Cygnus X-1′.
    Moving Pictures) The only place to find a studio version of ‘YYZ’.
    Exit… Stage Left) Contains some excellent live material from Rush.
    Rush Replay) Rush’s brand new 3 DVD / 1 CD box set is scheduled for release on June 13, 2006.

    Posted on February 11, 2010