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Golden State

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  • Let me start off by stating that I am almost 35, I’m married and i have loved Bush since 16 Stone. I am one of the few who found Razorblade Suitcase to be a delightful little “bitter pill” that I swallowed over and over again. Much better than their debut album. It just OOZED emotional angst thu the speakers. The remix album was good and Science of Things was solid, but lacking.Enter…Golden State. Simple. Complex. Bitter. Reflective. This album is the culmination of EVERYTHING the band has done. Yes, there are radio friendly singles. Yes, there are dismally wallowing songs. And yes, EVERY damn song on the album has it’s charms. (see, Oldskool there, “Album” instead of CD!) I swear, there is not a song on this disc that I dislike. In fact, the couple of songs i dismissed as filler on first listen, later became my favorites. A cold rainy July nite in Northern California (The Golden State), it is 50 degrees and i stand on the rocks overlooking the Pacific, listening to this CD. It just flows thru me, all the anger, all the love and everything in between is captured on this album. The lyrics are deep and the music is solid. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

    Posted on December 30, 2009