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Golden State

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  • You know, I always considered 16stone to be a great album. As a matter of fact, I shoplifted it when I was only eleven and listened to it solidly for six months. Its been a decade and now I usually pay for the cds, so perhaps i’ve moved back into the recording industry’s good graces with adulthood, but who cares? Bush still rocks like no other.A few steps off the beaten path (Deconstructed, The Science of Things) never hurt a solid rock act like Bush, although they did push a few of their devotees away for awhile as they experimented with the electronic movement. Returning to the majesty of 16 and Razorblade, Bush has once again proven that they aren’t cut-rate diluted Nirvana worms, but truly an original, pulse-racing, head-banging hard rock entity that has laid claim to the throne of the new world of Rock and Roll.At times speed metal quick, at others raspily heartfelt, Gavin never fails to confuse and inspire with his spaced out lyrics, making the stellar ‘Head full of Ghosts’ a hauntingly accurate pre-tribute to the 9/11 tragedy, and giving the absolutely fantastic ‘Superman’ a last-chance-to-cheat-death feel to it.As with 16stone, Golden State is fairly devoid of weak tracks, you can put this one on play and let it ride. ‘The People That We Love’ is a fantastic nu-rock anthem, ‘Infatable’ recreates ‘Glycerine,’ but with more heart and ‘My Engine Is With You’ is lent a cheap, lower east side barroom punk feel to keep your head bobbing and your heart racing.This album is a defiant statement by the all too often underestimated Bush, declaring that they are indeed the new royalty of rock. Do Not Pass on this album, Golden State is only the beginning.

    Posted on December 30, 2009