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Golden State

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  • I bought the album after hearing the catchy first single “The People That We Love”, it wasn’t a great song, but was good enough for me to check out the rest of the album. I was kinda disappointed by the album for the most part, though, there are some high points on the album. The highlights of the album are “Superman” and “Inflatable”, the first being a really excellent song, the second a great, slow ballad. The biggest surprise of the album was the punk on the song “My Engine is with You”, and Bush does do a good job of pulling it off. The rest of the album is the standard Bush fare ranging from crunchy-guitar driven songs to other acoustic ballads. The rest of the album is decent, not excellent, but above average. Recommended for all those die-hard Bush fans that never want to see them change. For some, though, a little change would not hurt and Bush could use a little revamping in my opinion. Anyway not a bad album, but not even close to the quality of 16 Stone.

    Posted on December 30, 2009