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Golden State

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  • I was a big fan of “Sixteen Stone” and unlike many others, I simply LOVED the dark, brooding sound of the Steve Albini produced “Razorblade Suitcase”. “The Science of Things” was a solid effort but it seemed to lack the passion of the first two albums. Let me state, with absolutely NO uncertainty, that Bush is definately back. “Golden State” has everything you love about BUSH and then some. There are the radio friendly singles with the catchy choruses, the soulful ballad, and the full-on rocking songs. The band is tight. Tighter than ever before. I have never noticed this before but the drumming is really an integral part of this CD. There is still that industrial sound that Bush seems to have gravitated towards but it simply fuels the English fire that is Bush. After about 200 listens, I can honestly say that there is not a throwaway track to be found on this CD. Even my wife, who abhors hard rock has been heard to be humming “Land of the Living”, “Solutions” and “Reasons” among others. The more you listen, the more subtle you realize this album actually is. I cannot believe Gavin just got married as the lyrics, while not dark, definately do not sound like someone who is at peace with the world. Bush is exploring the same musical territory as they have always been, only this time it goes to new depths. EVERY song is on the CD for a reason. For example, on the first couple of listens, I could have done without the repetitive “Hurricane”. A few weeks later and it is my favorite song. It’s not so much what Gavin is singing, it’s HOW he presents it. “My Engine is With You” is one of the heaviest, pure heavy rock numbers I have heard in years, while “Fugitive” and “Land of the Living” grow on me until I am singing them even after the CD has been taken out of my player. For anyone who thought that BUSH had lost their edge, was washed up and ready to “phone it in”, I ask you to buy this CD, right now, and then listen to it for a couple of weeks. If you do not appreciate it, email me. I honestly believe this is the best BUSH album released in years and one of the best of 2002. Trust me on this one.

    Posted on December 31, 2009