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Golden State

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  • I have been a Bush fan since the beginning — I hail from the Sixteen Stone days. Each release, I hope to hear more radio-friendly quality that came out of that CD. By no means, however, do I want to hear the band release catchy songs with the sole intent on selling records. It is evident, after hearing what is on Razorblade Suitcase, The Chemicals Between Us, and now Golden State, that the songs on Sixteen Stone are not represenative of what Bush is now.Golden State is a strong album, however it is very predictable. It has several good songs, a few great songs, and no noticibly bad songs. One of my favorite songs, “Hurricane,” isn’t even mentioned in several of the reviews posted in magazines or on the Internet, which is surprising to me. It is catchy enough to become a single, while totally rocking out in true Bush fashion. The one weakness of this CD is that it draws from the same pool that Razorblade and Chemicals came from. Many songs sound similar, and for this reason, Golden State isn’t an excellent album. It easily takes over the #2 spot in the Bush catalog for me though. Golden State has revived my waning interest in Bush.

    Posted on December 31, 2009