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Good To Be Bad

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  • Being a hardcore Deep Purple fan for 35+ years I knew who Whitesnake was WAY before mainstream America discovered them complements of shallow MTV posing. And by that statement you can tell I was a little disappointed in the hair metal poser direction Coverdale took the band after the late 70s – early 80s line-up broke up; when they changed from a pretty good blues-rock band to just another Led Zep/Sabbath clone band. While I’d never say it wasn’t fun to listen to, I really got tired of his shallow posing vanity show and it got to the point where I simply couldn’t watch him and preferred just to listen to the CDs instead!

    And, after hearing the first track on “Good to be Bad” I was even more disappointed…heck, it’s such a BLATANT rip-off of the Allman Bro’s classic “Whipping Post”, with a different chorus, it’s nothing less than disgusting!! The verse phrasing, even the organ itself is such an exact copy I expected to hear David sing “sometimes I feel, sometimes I FEEL…” at any moment!! While I do think it’s a catchy tune and definitely listenable I thought, wow…here he goes ripping other bands off again, not an original idea in his head!!

    But, as the other tracks played I became more and more impressed and track #5, the title track, sunk its hook in me on the very first listen!! So now I have to say that I am impressed and heartily agree with my fellow reviewers…Coverdale and the boys have produced a heck of a come back album!! In fact I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s one of the best comebacks I have ever heard!!! And I’m telling everyone I know about it too!

    As mentioned above, track #5 “Good to be Bad” is nothing less than one of the GREATEST Whitesnake songs I have ever heard and “Best years” (the Whipping Post clone), “Call On Me”, “Lay Down Your Love”, “A Fool In Love” and “Got What You Need” are also already on my MP3 player!

    Bottom line: if you are a Whitesnake fan, GET THIS! Get it immediately!! And if you like good rock in any form, even if you were never a snake fan, get it anyway!! And crank it up!!!

    Posted on February 10, 2010