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Good To Be Bad

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  • After seeing the band live four short years ago, I wasn’t sure what kind of new material Coverdale and the gang could produce. The live performance put me off, mostly because of DC’s strained, screechy vocals.

    It must have been an off night.

    This album rocks. I mean really, it does. If you are a fan of 1987’s “Whitesnake”, this will take you right back there. It’s not modern sounding at all, and that is brilliance of it. There are actually places on there where you could swear John Sykes is still with the band. Terrific solos, LOTS of guitar work. See? Some musicians STILL know how to play! How refreshing.

    Sit down, Nickleback. You, too, Fall Out Boy. The big boys are back, in a big way!

    Whitesnake has never been about deep, intelligent lyrics. The songs are filled with cliche’ driven, romantic, “cock” rock. Just bluesy, soulful Zeppelinesque grooves.And what’s wrong with that? Feel-good rock is about air-guitar glory and escapism. David’s voice has lost some range, but he controls it nicely and handles his vocals with style. Don’t worry though, he can still hit the necessary high notes.

    Good album. Can’t wait until their touring mates Def Leppard hits with SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE next week. They should bring that show to the states!

    Posted on February 11, 2010