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Goodbye to the Machine

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  • It has to be hard for a band to be dropped from their previous label which causes two of its members to bail, and to still release an album, all recorded in analog on cassette tapes. I believe Hurt has triumphed not only in releasing an album after getting thrown out on the street, but also in the diversity in their new sound. Gone are most of the heavy riffs but welcome are the melodic and and deep sounds. I think that it is great for a band to be evolving, especially in a world like this with pitiful bands like nickelback, hinder, saliva, etc… insert crappy band here. J. Loren is so talented that anything they release is amazing, and the only reason they got thrown out is because they are too creative and did not succumb to the power teet of the capitol records. end of story….

    Posted on February 20, 2010