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Gordian Knot

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  • Having become addicted to Sean Malone’s (bass and stick) and Sean Reinert’s (drums) work with Aghora (a band led by a great and relatively unknown guitarist, Santiago Dobles), I just had to seek out all other work by this standout rhythm section. The only other album featuring the great duo to be found on Amazon. was Gordian Knot. Fortunately enough, Gordian Knot also happens to feature another extraordinary musician, King Crimson’s Trey Gunn, whose touch guitar contributions (both with Crimson and Gordian Knot) make up for a great bassist AND a great guitarist. Adding to that, the album also features some ’stick’ contributions from Dream Theater’s bassist, John Myung.Considering the extraordinarily talent involved, expectations were about as high as they could get, and, surely, you’ve already guessed that they’ve been met (unless you think there is anything higher than a five star rating on closest to an accurate classification of Gordian Knot I’ve seen is “progressive rock jazz fusion,” but, as with all significant works of art, classification is not very appropriate. There’s a lot of diversity here, with influences ranging from jazz and metal to new age, ambient and world music. The intuitive (seemingly improvised) compositions are very intricate and unpredictable. They weave and flow seamlessly through low, mid and high tempo, aggressive, sombre, trippy, surreal, ‘metal,’ funky, …. passages, constantly exuding deep feel and vital energy (both Yin and Yang). Yes, there is a distinct King Crimson flavour dispersed throughout the album, but is that really surprising, considering Trey Gunn’s involvement? The arrangements are very interesting and not too dense. The production is crystal clear and pleasing to the ear. I’ve never heard of the two guitarists on the album, Ron Jarzombek & Glenn Snelwar, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well they live up to the standards of quality and originality of their more accomplished colleagues.Overall, the album is immaculate and highly addictive, from start to finish. Although it’s probably essential for musicians, it’s much more than a “musician’s album” (I’m not a musician). Highly recommended for anyone with a taste for superior musicianship and challenging and original compositions.I can’t wait for the next Gordian Knot release, featuring prog legends Bill Bruford , Steve Hackett and Jim Matheos.

    Posted on November 14, 2009