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Gordian Knot

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  • Often times with music I will just put it on in the background of whatever I’m doing, be it driving or work or whatever. With Sean Malone’s Gordian Knot, this simply cannot be done. This album must have one’s full attention devoted to it to truly appreciate it. Building off of his debut solo album titled “Cortlandt,” the self-titled Gordian Knot album is Malone’s most masterful work to date.
    Often times when these “super-groups” of musicians form, the technical skill of the music is superb but the writing tends to be lacking. In Gordian Knot, not only does Sean Malone play bass, keyboards, and stick, but he also composes every song, so no instrument or note sounds out of place. Gordian Knot features not only Malone and Sean Reinert of Cynic, but also Trey Gunn of the infamous progressive rock band King Crimson on touch guitar, John Myung of Dream Theater on stick, guitar prodigy Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower and Spastic Ink, and the debut of guitarist Glenn Snelwar, who also co-wrote three songs with Malone and Reinert.
    Every song on the album is utterly breathtaking it its own way. The album consists of nine titled tracks and one unlisted track called “Grace,” which is actually featured as a live track on Gordian Knot’s second album. While each song has its own unique sound, they all fit together as one collective work in the progressive genre. Some may have expected a heavier sound due to the background of the members (especially Malone, Reinert, and Jarzombek), but in no way will fans of Cynic and Watchtower be disappointed. This is an album for those who appreciate music, it is not something to head-bang to or even tap your foot to, it has to be absorbed.
    Out of the dozens of CD’s that I own ranging from blues to metal, Gordian Knot’s self-titled album has and will always have the distinction of being the one album that I can say with complete confidence, is absolutely perfect.

    Posted on November 14, 2009