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Gore Obsessed

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  • I got this album when it was released. I have only heard of “Hatchet Unto The Head” on radio while I worked at Nightcrew… So it kinda inspired me of buying this album. The album “Gore Obsessed” is pretty much a “Bloodthirst” part 2 but a whole ALOT better in my opinion.Musically Cannibal Corpse has managed to create one of the best riffs ever made (listen to “When Dead Replaces Life” and you’ll know by what I mean). The production is very clean just like Bloodthirst. Lyrically, it hasn’t changed much so don’t expect any surprises. CorpseGrinder’s vocals are more amazing than Bloodthirst. Cannibal Corpse remains Cannibal Corpse and this work is their 2nd best release overall (their 1st would be Butchered At Birth). Anyways best tracks in this album are “Pit Of Zombies”, “Hatchet Unto The Head”, “Hung And Bled” and “When Dead Replaces Life”.Buy it now, it can become the greatest release of 2002.

    Posted on February 24, 2010