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Gore Obsessed

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  • In 1988 a small band from Buffalo, New York known Cannibal Corpse would play in local clubs. In 1989 Corpse made a demo that would soon reach Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade signed Corpse quickly because, they felt that they were like Slayer! They had the speed, the violent lyrics, everything was in this band that Slayer had. Slayer has already gotten signed onto a major label and have gotten huge over the past years and Slayer were on Metal Blade Records. They really thought that they could break through so they signed them and in 1990 they released their debut Eaten Back To Life. No one at the time knew who they were because, that album just like all of their other albums today has gotten zero radio airplay, and has had exposure from MTV. In 1991 they would release the album that really pissed people off known as Bucthered At Birth. When Bucthered At Birth came out people started finding out who they were and this is when the madness happened. Bucthered At Birth is completely outlawed in Germany and it wasn’t just because, of the gorified offensive lyrics it was because, of the album cover itself. Just like all of their other albums this one has the brutal easily offensive lyrics and the disgusting album cover. In 1992 they released Tomb Of The Mutilated and this is when the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) would get on Corpse. From their it looked like the band was finished because, they had a very hard time getting noticed. In 1993 Corpse released their EP Hammer Smashed Face which contained their most popular song Hammer Smashed Face. In 1994 Corpse would release their last album with Chris Barnes on vocals for the very last time known as The Bleeding. At the same time they were asked to play in Tom Shadyac’s feature film debut Ace Ventura Pet Detective. They of course played a song in the film and since almost no one can understand what Chris was saying the song did not affect the ratings. After that film Corpse hit it big because, that was the first time they had really gotten noticed! When they got noticed on Ace Ventura one of their albums had actually gotten on The Top 200 Albums Billboard Charts! They would be known as the first death metal band to get on the charts! After Chris left Corpse had found a new vocalist that would soon become their actual front man! The new vocalist was George(Corpsegrinder)Fisher and he first appeared in 1996’s Vile. Most people completely hated George because, he was nothing like Chris at the time but, when Corpse released 1998’s Gallery Of Suicide fans would soon change! George got more into the music and the hate because, he wanted to be just as good as Chris or better. The album was very good but, was put down for having lazy drumming. In 1999 Corpse released Bloodthirst and in 2000 they released their first live album Live Cannibalism. In Febuary of 2002 Corpse would release what most fans including myself call Corpse at their finest hour! I think that it was in this album that Corpse started doing more different things because, they had a multi-platinum producer work with them! The producer helped Corpse on this album focus mostly on unmatched bass and drum syncopation. They also had powerful guitars that would match really well with their new songs! Corpse finally released the album called Gore Obsessed! This album is Corpse’s best yet! It actually helps them get noticed because, it doesn’t have an explicit label on it! However they made a limited edition version of it with Corpse doing a cover of Metallica’s No Remorse! They did this so that they could mask the album cover because, it was brutal just like the rest! The song Pit Of Zombies consist of alternating tempos while Mutilation Of The Cadaver has Corpsegrinder doing a 14 second blood curdling screech! Cannibal Corpse has now become an act that has never defied their fan base but, slowly building it to where more people know who this act is. Corpse are banned from playing in Australia, New Zealand, and Korea. Corpse have toured world wide and are still a great act after Chris’s departure from the band but, now Chris is with Six Feet Under. Corpse is a band that has a career of being around longer than a decade. This is real death metal and is out for the fans to buy!

    Posted on February 25, 2010