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Grace Under Pressure

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  • Many have called Grace Under Pressure one of Rush’s worst albums, as the band got away from some of thier heavier riff-rock stuff in favor of a cleaner, more synth-driven sound. Why critics and fans alike have seen this as being a bad thing is beyond me. First of all, the songwriting on all of “Grace” (especially lyrically) is some of thier best. The songs are shorter and multi-textured, with Alex Lifeson using higher pitched and open chords and Geddy concentrating on grooves, allowing the keyboards to drive the song. This gives Alex, Neil, and Geddy the oppurtunity to do different things than they have ever done before, showing a new side of the band. There really isn’t a bad song on the album, but the true standouts here are Afterimage, Red Sector A, Kid Gloves (containing arguably Alex’s best solo ever), and Between the Wheels. This is Truly an underrated album that non-Rush fans can enjoy just as much as us Rush-heads.

    Posted on March 10, 2010