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Grace Under Pressure

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  • Why so many four star reviews? Obviously, some people have seemed to miss the inherent change in style that the band brought to this album. Grace Under Pressure is an amazing album, yes there are more keyboards and some of the songs are a bit slower but who cares? They are still great songs. By this point Rush was beginning to move into the middle phase of their career that would be marked by a more electronic less rock sound. The songs are extremely well crafted and the music (by Lee and Lifeson) as always is unheralded. Let’s look at side 2, The Body Electric, although not one of Rush’s best efforts it is certainly worthy of space on this cd. Kid Gloves and Red Lenses may be the two most overlooked songs in the Rush catalogue. Kid Gloves just flat out rocks with biting poignant lyrics by Peart. On Red Lenses, Geddy shows why his is the master of the Rickenbacher. The song has such a laid back coolness about it that is supplied totally by Lee’s infectious bass line. Between The Wheels is a great closer and actually sounds more like a Signals tune but it’s still great. Distant Early Warning is a concert standard that Rush would open many a show with. They even made a video for it! Afterimage is another flawed gem that only the most ardent Rush fans have come to cherish. Red Sector A is still played in concert to this very day, although its not my cup of tea many Rush fans really took to it. The Enemy Within ranks among my top 5 greatest Rush songs. These are probably the best lyrics Peart has ever written, “I’m not giving in to security under pressure…” Peart’s lyrics about anxiety and panic (“Every muscle tenses to hide the enemy within..”) are right on point, and truly show why his nickname is “The Professor.” If I have not sold you on this CD by now, no one ever will. BUY THIS NOW!

    Posted on March 10, 2010