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Grammy Nominees 2003

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  • Some time ago, I gave up on buying entire albums for single tracks I like. Instead I buy almost exclusively now compilation albums and greatest hit packages. I’ve found that between US (Now, Totally Hits), Canadian (Big Shiny Tunes, Women & Songs), and UK (Now 45-53, Smash Hits) compilations I’ve been able to get just about any song I wanted. Legally and at a reasonable cost per track. (Of course, these collections are also generally available on Amazon.)I have nearly all the tracks on this CD, excluding Sting & James Taylor — and please, can the Grammies have a moritorium on nominating remakes of 20-year old tracks by the same artist? — but they are spread over a dozen CDs that probably cost me about 200 bucks in total.Aaarggh.But on to the tracks selected: It’s as if the Grammies actually selected the nominees so that they could cherrypick tracks for this album. Absolutely the best Grammy album yet. If they’d replaced Britney Spears with a Springsteen track it would be perfect.As usual, all the Best New Artist nominees are represented, and it should be a real horse race between jazz prodigy Norah Jones (who could sing the phone book and still sound good) and hypersuccess Avril Lavigne, who put out a great album but has the personality & charm of rotweiller. Michelle Branch is great but perhaps under the Grammy radar. Ashanti is not Grammy winning material and John Mayer is there so this won’t be thought of as the Best New Female Artist.I was shocked that Vanessa Carleton didn’t join the other Best new Artist nominees, but “A Thousand Miles” fully deserves it’s Best Song nomination. As do the fabulous Dixie Chicks for their album nomination. I would have selected “Landslide”, the Fleetwood Mac cover, as another song of the year nominee, but since it’s included I can’t complain.I can fully concur with Eminem’s nomination for song and album of the year. “Without Me” is a clever, witty and highly intelligent examination of the maelstrom Mr Mathers has begun around himself. But Nelly doesn’t seem significantly better than any of the other rappers out there – his nominations are strictly a nod to his commercial success.There are all kinds of other great tracks, including the #1 song of the year on Billboard, “How You Remind Me”, Pink’s breakout hit “Get The Party Started”, Sheryl Crow summer anthem for the ages “Soak Up the Sun” and Dave Mattehws’ “Where Are You Going”, but I’d like to congratulate the academy on finding and nominating Bowling for Soup.”Girl All the Bad Boys Want” is one of the best tracks from last year, and I fell for it on a single listen. Finally American radio is starting to play it, but it was already a top ten hit in England last year. This is the song you’ll go back to over and over.So snap this one up people, cause the 2004 Grammy Nominees’ll have t.A.T.u. and 50 Cent.

    Posted on March 7, 2010