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Grammy Nominees 2003

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  • There was a time when the Grammy Awards were incredibly bias with their nominees for the major awards (good, but still bias). The 2003 awards (meaning music from 2002) was the year when all the diversity bariers were broken down. The tracklisting still has a slight tilt towards pop, the reason for that is because Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Performance By A Duo or Group With Vocal are covered. But Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Best New Artist are included as well:
    (1) Vanessa Carlton “A Thousand Miles” A-. A beautiful, sweet almost philosophical pop song. The material may seem standard but Vanessa’s voice and lyrics make it a catchy piece of work.
    Endlessly listenable with fantastic images.
    (2) Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why” C+. What is this song doing in 2002? Everything about it seems outdated and unfinished, like the producers just stopped trying. What little substance is here is lost because listeners are put to sleep.
    (3) Nickelback “How You Remind Me” A. This is about as close as you can get to a perfect rock song. It has all the things you expect from a rock song, yet Chad Kroger’s voice and the piercing lyrics add more weight and dimension to it.
    (4) Dixie Chicks “Landslide” B. Again, country isn’t bmy cup of tea, but this song works for me. The girls’ make this Fleetwood Mac song their own and add some blueglass flavor with unique acoustic arangements.
    (5) Eminem “Without Me” A. Easily Shady’s most satirical, funniest and biting work yet. His “razor tounged lyrics” find the right targets, address a number of “issues” and make good point all to a hilarious entertaining results.
    (6) Nelly “Hot In Herre” A. The level that this song works to is exceptional, considering its simplistic content. But Nelly’s trademarked “southern flavor” turns ikt into a must hear summer dance/rap song. Completely enjoyable in every way.
    (7) Ashanti “Foolish” B+. A smooth, relaxing and toughing R&B song which is darn infectious. Thankfully it contains a rather original idea, but has a flaw becuase it seems to hold the listener at a distance.
    (8) Michelle Branch “All You Wanted” A. A deep and touching pop/rock song that finds the right impact from the lyrics and guitar chords. Another song that starts with simple material, yet rise far above it.
    (9)Avril Lavigne “Complicated” A. Hands down THE best song writing from THE best new artist of 2002! Everything about this song works from the chilling guitar opening to deep, powerful and enotional lyrics. Every second of this masterpiece should put a tear in your eye.
    (10) John Mayer “Your Body Is A Wonderland” A-. It’s hard to believe that he was only 16 when he made this song. Content as old as Shakespeare gets a nice modern revamp in a sweet, light and easing ballad. It’ll ease the troubled mind with no problem.
    (11) Sheryl Crow “Soak Up The Sun” A-. This song just has an a complete summer feel to it. Everything about this light, catchy, fun pop/rock tune demonstrates the full extent of Sheryl Crows comprehensive talents.
    (12) P!NK “Get The Party Started” B+. This was hailed by many as THE best sing of 2001. It’s not that good, but it is still an endlessly enjoyable, clubbed up dance track with a combination of a slick production and killer voice and lyrics.
    (13) Britney Spears “Overprotected” B-. It has more substance than your standard Britney song, yet it still feels like a whiny rant under the surface. Darkchild’s production and the infectious beat make it listenavle though.
    (14) Craig David “7 Days” B+. The song isn’t in the same league as “Fill Me In”, but is still very catchy and is a nice little relaxing listen. Craig David finds a relaxed tone to make the song flow efforlessly.
    (15) Sting “Fragile” C+. Sting is a very talented male artist who just doesn’t put in the full effort here. Everything starts out perfectly, then grows redundant and repedative as the song carries on. It’s a work that just diudn’t quite come together.
    (16) James Taylor “October Road” A-. A nice piece for his later career to still to convey the talent he still has. Shows that sometimes a simple premise and tone is all that is needed to make a good song.
    (17) Bowling For Soup “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” A-. A strange and original pop/punk transition. The song seems bizarre at first, but once it takes off it reaches maximum velocity. I love every second of it.
    (18) Dave Matthews Band “Where Are You Going” C. Textbook standard light rock in every way. This is what happens when a group doesn’t try and just goes through the standard flows of music.
    (19) *N Sync “Girlfriend” B-. This isn’t bad, it just lacks that flavor that the Neptunes Remix feat. Nelly had. That version benefitted alot from Nelly’s style and attitude, maybe they couldn’t nominate it because it was remix. Still a Neptunes production, this version remains listenable.
    Bottom Line: ***1/2. The album may have a few slow spots scattered about, but the diversity and abundance of quality tracks make up for it. The nominees were a pretty good selection of music in 2002, too bad the winners weren’t as well.

    Posted on March 7, 2010