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Graveyard Classics, Vol. 2

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  • For one think, most might think that I am crazy for giving this album 4 stars. I can explain. This is an absolute gift for metal fans. First off, lets remember that we are reviewing a COVER album. So its not fair to be so cruel on the band for putting out this release. Most of us SFU fans know that AC/DC had a huge influence on Chris Barnes and company, and putting a full cover album of Back in Black in genius. I love almost every single song on this album, as I enjoy the effort SFU put every song, and trying to play it as crushing and heavy as possible. OK OK, everyone complains that the guitar work is lame, and Barnes vocals suck…Hey, did you expect a death metal band to sing. Barnes growls and grunts are the reason most of us are fans. Second, for the guitar work. Steve Swawson isnt exactly Angus Young, so I didnt expect the hear blaring AC/DC solos in this effort. What we have hear is a nice solid, heavy in your face version of Back in Black which could only be pulled off by SFU. Enjoy it for what is is worth.! And just another note, how many of you would agree that Garage Days Re-REvisted, the 5.98 EP was one of Metallicas best? And no I dont mean the garage days they released a few years ago, but the orginal in 1987. Have fun with this one.>…

    Posted on February 8, 2010