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Great Cessation

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  • This is a cool lil’ record…riffin’ and sludgin’…but 5 stars???

    …come on, now. Where do we put “Through Silver in Blood”, “Take as Needed for Pain”, “Born Too Late”, “Bullhead”, “Master of Reality”…

    …the kids today just get too excited. Sure, YOB reformed after the craptastic High on Fire clone Middian hit hard times, and we are all happy to have them back, but let us try to retain some decorum here.

    BJ’s are nice, but making sweet love with the riff is where it’s at.

    This is a BJ. Good times, but you can’t live on it…there’s more out there…but here ain’t bad at all. No sir. The title track bumps this up a star-voyage into the deep.

    Posted on December 22, 2009