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Great White - Greatest Hits

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  • Suffice it to say, this cd has all of the familiar Great White stand-bys, “Once bitten twice shy, “Afterglow” (live). But what this cd has that no other cd in the world does (and I know because I’ve looked high and low for it), is a cover of Led Zepplin’s “Babe I’m Leavin’ you.” Now, I know what you are thinking; “Hey, there is a version of that cover on another Great White compilation cd!” This is true. However, that version on the other compilation was performed on stage at a huge outdoor concert and the only thing that sounded worse than the band being out of time was the terrible mixing from the sound board. The version I am referring to was taped for “MTV Unplugged.” I have never been a huge fan of Great White. They are a good band with a considerable amount of talent, write well, and are great musicians, but when they performed that cover on “Unplugged”, they captured, in that song, the passion and intense regret and pain that Robert Plant had intended but could not convey as well. Robert Plant is a legend, an icon of rock, a master of phrasing, arranging, and not not without passion of his own and even he said when asked about the cover that he wished he could have done as good a job on that song originally!!! The price for this disc is more than worth it for just that track. Highest recommendation!!!

    Posted on December 24, 2009