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Great Zeppelin: Tribute To Led Zeppelin

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  • It’s nice to hear live renditions of In the Light, When the Levee Breaks and D’yer Maker – songs that Zep didn’t really attempt or do live. It just reminds one of the incredible Zep catalogue that never made it to the stage. The odd thing about this performance is how close it sounds to the studio recording generally, bar a few bum notes from the guitar now and then.Great White’s singer Jack Russell sounds uncannily like Robert Plant and would probably take home the award for best Led Zep soundalike singer. He seems able to encapsulate the different stages of Plant’s voice. While this is a very good recording, the one shortcoming is the note-for-note replication of Zep’s songs, which though in itself is a considerable achievement, could have done with some improvisation or input from the band. It’s almost unadventurous in that aspect – ie. Zep would have tried to improvise on its own material. In that sense, the guys should have had more fun with it – imagination wise, though we can’t fault their performance. “Going to California” sounds like the album recording – down to the mix…seen live, it’s flattering – on the album, it’s kind of too straight. But this is a good effort by Great White. One thing missing is their great rendition of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.”

    Posted on March 13, 2010