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Greatest Hits I, II & III - The Platinum Collection (3CD)

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  • Queen was pure glam rock. Freddie Mercury was 1 in a million, his voice was the best in rock (Robert Plant’s is second). He was incredibly flamboyant, and operatic and Queen definitely gave the greatest live shows of our time. They sounded like no other band with four hit songwriters who wrote many songs that would later become sports anthems or movie themes such as the amazing Flash, Who Wants To Live Forever, One Vision, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and Another One Bites The Dust. The 1st Disc is 70’s glam rock Queen and the second disc is 80’s pop rock Queen. I prefer this collection over the 2 previous Hollywood releases of ‘Classic Queen’ and ‘Greatest Hits’ because this version has one of my favorite Queen songs, “Innuendo,” and the song “Flash” that was on the original greatest hits album from 1981. The song order is also better. The only flaw on the second disc is the recording of “Under Pressure.” This version sounds different than the one on `Classic Queen.’ The base is much softer and the vocals don’t flow as well.A reminder: Disc Three is not a greatest hits cd. It’s a cd of mostly solo works, songs from the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, and songs from the album `Made In Heaven,’ an album that came out after Freddie died. The third disc does not do the band any justice and should be re-released with actual hits or songs from Queen during their prime years. Hopefully, Queen’s Brian May will someday release a true best-of collection with classic songs that did not make the hit chart but were true masterpieces. I’m talking about the songs: Spread Your Wings, You Take My Breath Away, Love of My Life, Melancholy Blues, Teo Torriatte, Death On Two Legs, The Prophet Song, 39′, and Seaside Rendezvous. Songs on ‘Queen II’ like Procession, White Queen, The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke, Nevermore and March Of The Black Queen should also not be ignored. If you want a great introduction to Queen with their most popular hits, this is it. But, if you want more on the best of Queen, I recommend you pick up ‘Queen II’, ‘A Night At The Opera,’ and `A Day At The Races.’ These are Queen’s three best albums and Queen during their prime.

    Posted on March 5, 2010