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Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years

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  • P.O.D. is perfect music for when you are exercising, playing games, or just need a good rush of blood to your head. They rock hard and do it with style and substance. They have a passion for what they do that is unmatched and certainly makes up for the times when the band has blended a little too seamlessly into the mainstream music scene. This record is half Marcos and half Truby. (Marcos is the original guitarist and Truby took over when he left.) The two styles are very different and quite frankly I still miss the way Marcos picked those carefully carved out melodies and Truby falls back a little too easily on Drop D barre chords. They both bring something different to the table and that gives P.O.D. alot of diversity and yes even some originality in the way they blend so many differnt styles of music. This movie isn’t pretentious or artsy its hard rock; plain and simple. If you dig deeper you will even find some soul in the mix.

    I’ve seen P.O.D. three times and they continue to impress me with the way they connect to the audience. They love being on stage and they love their audience. That is rare and I wish them continued success. This CD will give you all the P.O.D. you need and then some.

    Posted on December 31, 2009