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Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years

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  • P.O.D. seems to have been one of those bands that got bashed from the day they formed the group. Why you ask?, well simply because they wrote music with a good/enlightening message instead of the usual doom and gloom most bands write about.

    The Atlantic Years is just that, some of the most memorable songs the band has released since their hit making 1999 record The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. This compilation provides us the listener with a look back at what this band was about during their time with Atlantic.

    Their is no doubt that this band has had it’s fair share of ups downs musically not to mention internally with the loss of their original guitarist following their popular album Satellite.

    The Atlantic Years hits package doesn’t feel thrown together in the least bit. The record includes one brand new song recorded especially for this album as well as a previously unreleased song. These additions really add to the overall enjoyment of this cd.

    Since P.O.D. doesn’t really have as many hits as their are tracks on this cd, you might find some filler here and there so to speak. Even though some may consider the lesser tunes to be filler, they have picked ones that really do the band justice. So in turn, you can say that the entire cd is a very well thought out listen. The rest of the record is a healthy mix of tracks from four studio records with Satellite securing the most selections from one album.

    The Atlantic Years may not be the be all end all of P.O.D.’s existence, but it’s a darn good start!

    Check it out!

    Posted on December 31, 2009