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Greatest Hits (w/ Bonus DVD)

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  • Creed was one of the few nu-rock/nu-metal bands that always seemed to get a large amount of airplay on most stations that featured rock as its format. It also seemed like any fan of rock music, all knew the songs of Creed. There were those folks who griped that there was too much Eddie Vedder in Scott Stapps voice, and of course that was bound to happen since the Seattle Sound gave way to that being a standard in modern rock music. The band had an illustrious and interesting career from their first record “My Own Prison” to their last piece “Weathered”. Each CD the home of numerous songs that not only became hits on the radio, but also became staples in the clubs as well as in many local band repertoires.

    This CD includes every one of the tracks that you would expect to find on it. There are no unreleased songs that some bands push on you in a hits piece. Just the 13 numbers that received high chart position or generated the best sales. While there is a decent amount of space left on the audio portion, the band did include enough numbers to warrant praise. I did not find myself lacking in material as I listened. The booklet, while in black and white as far as photography, makes sure to include lyrics for all of the songs. I always remembered Creed for having a big sing-along factor when I listened, so this makes it easier for those who indulge in this practice. The second disc that is included, is a DVD. This DVD Features the entire scope of the bands video work. Every single MTV/VH1 video is here for you to enjoy. This might have well been sold as a separate piece, but given the bands breaking up, it makes the most sense to give the fans the most bang for their buck by adding it to this package. Included videos are: My Own Prison, What’s This Life For, Higher, What If, With Arms Wide Open, Bullets, My Sacrifice, One Last Breath, Don’t Stop Dancing. The DVD also has a few unreleased live performances. They are: Torn, Higher, and Weathered.

    The Creed videos were always well-thought out. Shot with a sense of artistry and difference. Songs that stood out for me in the video sense were “Higher”, “With Arms Wide Open” and “My Sacrifice”. On the live pieces, “Higher” is an excellent visual as the band performs on the roof of a skyscraper with fireworks shooting off during the piece. Arena rock at its finest.

    Quite honestly this is a great amount of material for the dollar. I have seen it for sale at the major retailers for $10 bucks and that is a steal. I recommend it highly and am sad that such a good piece comes at the expense of such a talented band. I felt there was still some good music to make as a single unit. Mid 2004 Guitarist Mark Tremonti, Drummer Scott Philips, and Bassist Bryan Marshall have since gone on to form “Alter Bridge” while Scott has been doing solo stuff. It is too early to tell if both splinter acts will hold up the same way as Creed was able to. Only time will tell.

    Posted on February 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have never encountered anyone who thinks Creed is just “OK”. It’s one extreme or the other. As you can see from all of the reviews here, people either love them or hate them. This CD is a decent compilation of the band’s music. Would like to have seen “In America” from My Own Prison included.
    I won’t try to talk any of the Creed haters out of their opinions, that would be a waste of time, but…if they hate the band so much, why would they buy a greatest hits compilation? If they haven’t, why waste their time reviewing it??? Their are plenty of bands I don’t care for, but if I haven’t bought the CD, I don’t waste my time reviewing it.

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a avid Creed fan since “My Own Prison” was first released back in ‘97. I fell in love with their music because I felt they were the first band in recent years to have band-members and song-writing skills worthy of being compared to more legendary bands. They wrote real songs with real heart, instead of all that pop-punk or rap-metal garbage. Ironically, I told everyone that when Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Blink 182 and Kid Rock were long gone, Creed would still be around. I even defended them when people called them a Christian band, which THEY WERE NOT. But unfortunately, their career was cut short. At the very least, they went out on a high note and never burned out.

    CD: This CD portion of this package is an accurate collection of all the bands singles. All the big hits are on here like “Higher”, “With Arms Wide Open”, “My Own Prison”, “One Last Breath”, “What If”, “My Sacrifice”, “Whats This Life For”, and “One”. The collection also features their lesser-known but equally awesome singles like “Torn”, “Are You Ready”, “Weathered”, “Bullets” and “Dont Stop Dancing”. These are all great songs, but I think to really appriciate the band, you should pick up all 3 of their albums. With a couple exceptions, all of Creed’s hits were their more commercial, radio-friendly songs. Some of their darker and heavier songs like “Say I”, “Unforgiven”, “Beautiful” or “Freedom Fighter” never made it to radio, and as a result, only one side of the band was shown. Also, seeing how this collection only contains 13 songs, I think it would have been cool if they had put some of the group’s fan-favorite songs on here like “Ode” or “Faceless Man”. There are no newly recorded or unreleased songs featured on this collection, which is good in my opinion because it’s just a marketing ploy to get the fans to purchase something they already own. Over-all, this is a great collection of Creed’s hits, and if you like it all the way through, consider picking up their individual albums.

    DVD: This is a collection of all 9 of the band’s music videos: “My Own Prison”, “Whats This Life For”, “Higher”, “What If”, “With Arms Wide Open”, “My Sacrifice”, “Bullets”, “One Last Breath” and “Dont Stop Dancing”. Also featured are 3 live performances of “Torn”, “Higher” and “Weathered”. As a big fan, it’s cool to have all of the band’s music videos, but sadly, most of their videos were pretty cheesy, even the band has admitted to that. As for the live clips, I was a little let down. The band always sounded awesome in concert, but 2 of these live-clips were taken from award-show performances, and the band usually didn’t sound right when playing award-shows. Still, it’s a cool DVD and it’s not bad for an added bonus!

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Whatever your take on Creed, one must admit they were a successful band with a steadfast and passionate fan base. I brought this album for the extras only. I have all the albums. Whilst rehashing on the ‘hits’ of Creed on the audio CD what I really wanted was the bonus DVD and watched the video clips and the live performances of this once great band.
    It indeed is the greatest music hits collection of Creed and the bonus stuff is well worth watching.

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Creed made 3 albums, all one bigger than the other, between 1997 and 2001, and then called it quits. The Florida band came out of nowhere with 1997’s “My Own Prison”, which truly was a classic album, with not a weak track on it, the perfect soundtrack to alternative rock in its heydays. The other 2 albums (1999’s “Human Clay” and 2001’s “Weathered”) were far more mixed bag.

    “Greatest Hits” (13 tracks, 63 min.) is a straight-forward compilation of Creed’s biggest hits and best known album tracks. The songs run chronologically, 4 tracks from each of the first and second album, ending with 5 tracks from the last album. Admit it, Creed had an amazing string of hits in that 5 year period: from “My Own Prison” to “One” to “Higher” to “With Arms Wide Open” to “My Sacrifice” to “One Last Breath”, just to name a few, wow. Nevertheless, I cannot rate this compilation “higher” than 4 stars for a couple of reasons: (1) the first album, by far the band’s best, is underrepresented with only 4 tracks. Where is “In America”, a genuine radio-hit? (2) there are no rarities on here. Why not add the Doors cover “Riders on the Storm” (from the Doors tribute album “Stoned Immaculate”), which also was a radio hit? At 63 min., both of these songs could’ve easily been added without exceeding the 80 min. capacity of a CD. The bonus DVD brings all of the music videos, along with some live performances.

    In all, “Greatest Hits” does a pretty good job, although it falls *this* short of the perfect compilation of Creed. Meanwhile, 3 of the 4 Creed members have gone on to different things (forming “Alter Bridge”), but who knows what has become of lead-singer Scott Stapp, who seemingly has vanished from sight.

    Posted on February 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now