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  • Oh, come on! Look at you all, complaining that your fave GNR song isn’t on it!

    Look at the title of the CD. It says: ‘Guns n’ Roses’ Greatest Hits’, doesn’t it? That means it has – guess what? – the greatest hits of Guns n’ Roses, not the ’specially crafted Guns n’ Roses CD especially for YOU and nobody else’.

    Just check any UK Top 40 Singles Chart Archive (try and type in Guns n’ Roses in the ‘Artist’ slot) and it will show you how each of their singles rated in the Public Charts.

    Compare the list of their hit singles to the Greatest Hits album and you’ll see that the line up is virtually identical. Cool, Eh?
    Now, where on that list do you see ‘Estranged’, ‘Coma’ or ‘Mr Brownstone’? Nowhere.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Posted on December 1, 2009