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Gretchen Goes to Nebraska

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  • After their first album, Out of the Silent Planet, Kings x regrouped to try and achieve the nearly immpossible, create a better album. They did with ease. “Gretchen..” finds the band still drwing upon their roots to deliver another batch of nearly perfect songs, each one unique and stellar. “Over My Head” received a minimal amount of airplay on television and somehow failed to make an impact on a metal scene filled with hair bands getting plenty of video rotation and writing poor songs. One can see now why, Kings X never catered to the dismal metal scene of sex, dark themes and juvenile lyrical content. They also happen to be Christians, which didn’t help matters much in the metal scene. But the music is by far better than ANY other metal in the late 1980s. “Summerland” should still be in heavy rotation on clasic rock radio these days, but it’s not. I could write a short novel about each song on the album because their so easy to comprehend because the logic of the lyrics is so pure and unfettered with double and single entendres. The music is incredibly simple with easy-going melodies that hide the complexity of the song structures. It’s my vote as the best metal album of the 80’s and in the top five of best metal albums of ALL-Time. I really do hate calling it metal, because of all the baggage that comes with “metal”. So let it be ROCK. A must have in ANY collection. This album, folks, is the unheard of gem that awaits you by purchasing your music outside the box and outside the conglomerate owned media recomendations.

    Posted on November 27, 2009