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Gretchen Goes to Nebraska

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  • Gretchen Goes to Nebraska is a carefully-engineered album of unparalleled power, beauty, and musicianship. The vocals of Doug Pinnick are truly archival; there is no other vocalist in any rock genre to which one dare compare him, and he’s at his finest on tracks like “I’ll Never Be the Same” and “Over My Head”. Drummer Jerry Gaskill lays down a base for the multi-layered harmonies of voice and string in a style reminiscent of John Bonham without being derivative in any way, and brings a truly distinctive feel to each track. Guitarist Ty Tabor’s fantastic tone and tantalizing riffs can make one get lost in the music instantly, and his wonderfully-constructed and executed solos on songs like “The Burning Down” remind you why guitarists did solos to begin with. This album is a testament to the balance of power and control, and the lyrics and music go far beyond reasonable or unreasonable expectations. There is no musician who understands ! why King’s X has not become the most popular band on the face of the earth, and no listener who isn’t grateful each time they produce another fantastic album. I’d love to give you a band to compare them to, but it just isn’t possible. One description I’ve heard that gets close is a combination of the Beatles, Yes, King Crimson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. The only description I can use is perfect. Buy this album.

    Posted on November 27, 2009