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Group Therapy

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  • I’ve liked Dope pretty much from the beginning. I know that a lot of people don’t like them, but that’s fine with me. In fact, it encourages me to like them even more. I’m always more interested in the bands that get little or no attention, especially if I think they’re good. This third effort from the group, “Group Therapy,” proves to be a pretty good listen.If you’re not a fan of their last two albums (their second album, in particular), chances are that you will not like this new one. They have a solid industrial sound to their music. A lot of songs are aggressive and heavy while others are more mild and tame. Each song is a living creature of its own; being that no two songs sound the same. I can tell that there’s been improvements (as the lead singer pretty much changed the entire line-up in the band).While I do miss the darkness and aggressive side of the band that was present on their very first album, I still like the new stuff they’ve been coming out with. That was Dope in the past and this is Dope today. If the sound isn’t working for the main guy in the band, then they have no choice but to change it up. This was the case, as it’s been expressed in many different magazine interviews with the lead singer. That is why they’ve taken such a major turn from their first album and do the kind of music they do today.I pretty much like every song, but my favorites are “falling away,” “b—-,” “I am,” “sing,” “paranoia,” “bring it on,” “another day goes by,” and “today is the day.” A great feature of this CD is that it is enhanced and includes videos for EVERY song. That’s right. All of the songs have real videos for them. (There’s a great one for “b—-,” but beware; it’s pretty mature/adult and is not recommended for younger audiences.) Just pop the CD into your computer and watch away. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with Dope’s “Group Therapy.” It’s not the best album in the world, but it’s pretty good. If you never liked Dope in the past, I’m sorry to say that this album won’t have much on an impact on you and make you change your mind about them. If you’ve liked Dope from the start and were pleased with their past two albums, then chances are that you will like this one as well.

    Posted on December 28, 2009