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Group Therapy

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  • Pop and rap listeners that is. I love this album, and i hold it like a peice of gold. It isn’t the hardest or craziest album i’ve ever heard, of course not, but everything within it is great music. You’ve got some good nu-metal/rock, plus great vocals and audio ferocity, what more can you ask? Personally i think Felons and Revolutionaries is their best release, but thats not to say this isn’t as well. Bitch is just a great song, Burn is a brutal song (equal to the likes of die mf die), and other songs like Sing, or Another Day Goes By are very good slow songs. I think it all fits together like one fancy jigsaw puzzle, all the peices alligned perfectly with a purpose. You should buy this album, because it is great music.

    Posted on December 28, 2009