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Gutter Ballet

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  • “Oh my God! Jon Oliva is a monster singer!” — was the sentence constantly hitting my mind while listening to this album. Yes, this is my first Savatage album. Should I cry or laugh? Well, whatever I’d do now I have some more material to consume, and man how good it is! It’s SOOO good! In few words, Savatage is a pompous, aggressive, dramatic and sonically greedy band that can deliver the most lyrical and the rawest music at the same time. In addition, Chris Oliva is an amazing guitar player. He’s able of both shredding and making the axe sing, as well as riffing like the best out there. What else can I say? I’m so excited with this album that I’m just speechless. Being a newbie to the band I know I’m just scratching the surface, but I had to write a review anyway to share with someone all my enthusiasm and fascination. What an incredible music! Their control of the dynamics, their rage, their excellent lyrics, their melodies and everything in them is SOOO GREAT! But again, Jon Oliva leaves me hands down, totally breathless… The guy sings with a rare passion, like barely hitting some notes here while showcasing an ultra-wide range there. He is just metal expressiveness incarnated into one person. Talk about deliverance and talk about emotional power! So, if you already knew this band, you’re really really lucky. If you don’t, please do yourself a favor and start buying their albums right now — as I’ll certainly do. Once more, I’m new to them so I don’t know which album is the best or the worst, but now at least I know that when you’re talking about Savatage you’re talking about high quality heavy metal. Five huge, brilliant stars!

    Posted on December 12, 2009