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Hail Hornet

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Up from the heart of the South, Hail!Hornet rides out, set to vanquish the boorish hordes of digitally manipulated, cut-and-paste metal. A band safeguarding all the raw and real qualities that made you listen to metal in the first place…a band with conviction, not tampered with by cookie-cutter production techniques! Written, arranged & produced by the band itself, you get what was intended… The most true-grit, dark & filthy record produced in a very long time! Hail!Hornet is Grime-metal!

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  • Pure, filthy grit. This is the metal that Motorhead was founded on and that the great Southern sludge tradition delivers on. Conceived, created, performed, and recorded by musicians who have been in the underground metal trenches for decades, this is uncompromised aggression and artful songwriting brought together in a fierce, intimidating package. If you like your metal technical or full of slick, weedily-dee pyrotechnics, look elsewhere. Hail!Hornet is a hammer blow to the skull.

    Posted on December 4, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now