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  • I almost wrecked my car the first time I heard Halestorm on the radio; not only do they have a powerful female on lead vocals, but the guitar riffs are awesome. I haven’t heard anything like this since the early 90s. I listen to a wide variety of music genres, but I didn’t stop liking rock just because hip-hop & electronica seemed to take over. I guess rock stations aren’t as popular as they once were, and great rock albums are even harder to come by.

    THEN THERE WAS HALESTORM! Yaaay! I have always been a huge fan of female rockers like the Wilson sisters in Heart, Lita Ford, and Bonnie Tyler, just to name a few — I even like the chick’s vocals in Evanescence, but it’s been a long time since I heard something like Halestorm. My favorite tracks are the first three: It’s Not You, I Get Off, and Bet U Wish U Had Me Back. I love the lyrics, love the vocals, and can’t get enough of the guitars.

    The lyrics are sexual (reminds me of Bret Michael’s lyrics a little*edit*<–I take this back, Halestorm's lyrics have some depth to them), which isn't anything new in the world of rock'n'roll, but it's refreshing to hear a chick addressing guys instead of the other way around. Each track has its own unique sound, which is great because I can't stand repetition.

    The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was the number of slower songs versus faster songs. I am starved for an album that doesn’t rely so heavily on slow tracks, but it seems to happen a lot with female lead vocals.

    All in all, if you liked albums like Heart or Dangerous Curves, you’re gonna love this album!

    Added September 12, 2009:

    I’ve actually been listening to this album every day since I wrote this review, and my opinion has changed slightly. I also love tracks 5,6,7, 8 and 9 just as much as the first three, if not more…so even though I thought it needed more faster songs, I ended up liking the slower ones despite my first impression. The thing is, quite a few of the tracks aren’t slow or fast, but rather a mix of tempos. I wish I had waited a little longer to write my review; I would change my rating to five stars if the system let me.

    It’s Not You is a fast track with lyrics about how she’s in love with someone but it’s not the guy she’s talking to. I freakin’ loved the bridge on this track, “you’ve probably never been shot down before.”

    I Get Off was the reason I started listening to Halestorm in the first place. Very seductive lyrics. Goes back and forth between slow and fast.

    Bet U Wish U Had Me Back is a self-explanatory slow track. Lyrics list the reasons the guy totally screwed up. Don’t get me wrong though — it’s not a man-hating album, but thesongs are all about relationships from a woman’s perpspective.

    Innocence is a slightly faster track with powerful lyric play. Very poetical. “You’re just too perfect for my hands to own.”

    Familiar Taste Of Poison is dark and gothic. I thought it could be used in a Twilight movie or something like that. Another track with an awesome bridge: “I don’t want to be saved, I don’t want to be sober”

    I’m Not An Angel was definitely a slow track with a sort of Blues/country tinge to it, and yet a bit orchestral on the chorus. Lots of levels in this ballad.

    What Were You Expecting has turned out to be my absolute favorite track. While I’m guilty of comparing the lead to other female vocals, she makes her own mark with this song, and establishes her own range and talent. I hope this track get some radio play very soon. This is the rock I have been looking for.

    Love/Hate Heartbreak is another track with a touch of Blues in the guitar riffs, which just shows how well-rounded they are as musicians. I’d place this as a faster track, but it’s a good example of how they mix tempos to rock out.

    Better Sorry Than Safe has great music but the lyrics is a little depressing. “Sometimes I wish you’d cheated on me, then leavin’ here would be so easy.”

    Dirty Work and Nothing To Do With Love are great rock tracks, but I just couldn’t get into the lyrics. They aren’t bad, but I think they should have placed these two at the beginning because the rest of the album is a tough act to follow.

    So, I’ve learned my lesson, and will not be in such a hurry to review new music…in the meantime, I continue to let Halestorm dominate all my music players, wherever I am…

    Posted on February 19, 2010