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Hall of the Mountain King

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  • At the time I got HOTMK (1988)Savatage was not my favorite band they weren’t even close, but after HOTMK they started to climb the ladder of my taste. This Cd summs great heavy metal, a superb guitar work the insane voice of John Oliva and the mix of classical elements that make this album unique. You can cranck it and headbang to it or you can sit and enjoy the classical parts. 24 Hours Ago: Good opening for this record 8 Beyond the doors of the dark: Starts slow and becomes one of the heaviest tunes 9 Legions: All great heavy metal from start to end. Must be great to hear live 9 Strange wings: commercial attempt 7 Prelude to Madness: Superb Instrumental mixing classical elements 9 Hall of the mountain king: Has it all guitars, screams, classical arrangements 9.5 The price you pay: Hold on to your hat on this one (or it will blow it) 9.5 White Witch: great music great lyrics about cocaine 9 Last Dawn: Short and moody Instrumental 8 Devastation: About the end of the world makes you wanna jump 10In all this is a great album for any one into Heavy Metal or Power Metal

    Posted on March 10, 2010