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Hammersmith Apollo 3 CD- Live October 2009

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  • I have and treasure my “30th Anniversary” whatever Mott The Hoople live, so, needless to say, I was literally drooling with anticipation about this. 4 words: Don’t Waste Your Money. The sound is atrocious, and, to be honest, it sounds like a “dub” producer mixed the thing: loud, heavy organ, then…nothing. No audible guitar, then all of a sudden, “WEE-WEE-DIDDLY-DIDDLY-SQUEECH,” and Mick Ralphs does NOT deserve an engineer that makes him sound like “Slash.” Ian Hunter’s fairly prominant all the way thru, but…eh….save your money and treasure your memories, this this is embarrassing. OH – and that “third cd with all the pix” – it simply DID NOT WORK, either on my stereo or my computer. “Once bitten, twice shy” and all that…

    Posted on February 13, 2010