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Hammersmith Apollo 3 CD- Live October 2009

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  • and I was, and this CD is great. Do you expect a pristine, ‘just like the albums’ recording, or what Mott was and still is, a ^&*% kicking live band? The sound is off the board, and recorded exactly as it happened, not prettied up, remixed, or mastered. These CDs were available about 20 minutes after the show ended. This was also the first show, and the band grew tighter and tighter as the week progressed. I know of no one who was at the shows who is disappointed in this historic preservation of the best reunion concerts ever. I’ve got crappy bootlegs of 3 of the other 4 shows and every one is cherished. BTW, I had no problem with the third disc in my DVD player or my computer

    Posted on February 13, 2010