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Hammersmith Apollo 3 CD- Live October 2009

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  • I purchased this concert and was impressed with the show content, and the rocking ability that MTH always brought to the stage. It is a bit organ and bass heavy as my other reviewers have mentioned but not all that bad and coming off a less than exact sound-board quality for a release that you received as you left the same show you had experienced is a plus where I come from, so I cannot fault the show entirely and found it a precious fulfillment of the MTH experience. After all, they only did the REUNION shows in England. Perhaps they will refine and remix the sound from these multiple dates and release a better version of the show in the future…after all it was their 40th anniversary, and for the connisseur-minded I would pick it up as it is them in their element some decades from their initial entrance to the halls of rock and roll. I found the set very heavy from Mad Shadows forward and they only played about 2-dozen songs, far less than they could have. Maybe a 2-3 set CD anniversary edition is forthcoming and in better quality, but I do not pan the concert this envelops because I saw the band several times in the 70’s and even met them in Fresno, California (of all places) and always enjoyed their onstage persona and antics, and Ian’s caustic banter with the crowd. Again this set list is wonderful and to those that MTH means something to I would buy, just to fill that gap. This is far better than a bootleg, but isn’t “LIVE” how we want them…think about that. Anything beyond the antiseptic of the studio is what I want and this cashes in according to my opinion, and I hope it is yours. Glad to contribute something about one of the best rock shows that ever was, and still could be. Rock on MTH.

    Posted on February 14, 2010