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Handful of Rain

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  • Always have felt that Savatage was truly an under appreciated metal band that never did get the recognition they deserved. Have seen them several times. Remember hanging out in a club’s parking lot with guitarist Criss Oliva(R.I.P.)after a show trading off Three Stooges lines, calling one another a knucklehead, grape head, etc. This was like a month or so before he was killed in a car crash. Glad to see the group decided to carry on. ‘Handful…’ debuts the former Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and he appears to fit in rather well, I thought. The band’s recently-new vocalist Zach Stevens seems to do the same. What luck,huh? These guys STILL rock!Good tracks include the guitar ridden “Taunting Cobras”, “Nothin’ Going On”, the instrumental “Visions” and “Stare Into The Sun”. Wait a minute…what’s with all the melodic keyboard playing? I mean, that CAN be a great thing, but in Savatage? Okay,so they’re now changing. STILL a decent CD. Long live Savatage!!

    Posted on January 6, 2010